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Exams over!

Actually they were over on Monday, but I was running some errands that had been delayed and other stuff... and also getting over moments of panic about flunking everything. Especially after I realised I wrote down the Evidence Act when I meant the Interpretation Act. Just one thing, but enough to make me paranoid about how many other mistakes I undoubtedly made. >__< School is a self-esteem killer.

Other things of note:

1) I study best from my own notes, if only because (a) I understand my own thought patterns and therefore remember stuff faster; and (b) I need to write stuff down to remember it.

2) Exam panic. I've never had exam panic until this time round. Anthropologically speaking, it's a fascinating look at what idiots human beings can be. You can barely write, let alone reason, and time loses all meaning, only when you finally(!) look at your watch about 10 mins have passed. V. weird.

3) I could still flunk everything. Don't take it for granted that you'll pass, self; that way lies madness. Or not flunk, but turn in such mediocre grades that really, I should just find a job instead. Part of this is paranoia speaking. Part of it is not.

4) *surveys stack of textbooks* Is it really possible I've read ALL of them?


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