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lloll ([personal profile] lloll4) wrote2013-04-19 10:05 pm
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Recent ongoing sex-for-grades trial regarding a law professor and his ex-student featured an exchange whereby:

when asked if being the sole lecturer and marker gave him a great deal of power to decide the outcome of his course, Tey replied: "Yes, with power comes responsibility."

The DPP countered: "I think that's from Spiderman, isn't it?"

To which Tey said: "I'm sorry I did not know that. I'm educated (by you)."

(Should there be a comma after "I'm sorry"?)

I'm not quite certain the "(by you)" should have been added by the newspaper report. Because without, it makes the picture in my head about the proceedings and the man even more interesting. I feel quite tempted about going to hear the proceedings. Exams will be over soon anyway...