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lloll ([personal profile] lloll4) wrote2013-06-19 11:13 pm
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Confirmed, worst ever yucky air in years. I'm not surprised, since I can see it right out of my window. So my theory is that the PSI levels go up at night because whoever is burning up the forests in Indonesia can't control the fires anymore as evening falls - maybe they went home for the day, maybe the change in air temperature makes the wind stronger, etc.

Anyway, my eyes feel really dry. I can't imagine what it'd be like if it gets worse. The weather is already so hot; it feels like something is about to spontaneously combust.

The sitch just now. And then, PSI readings just did a mighty jump to 321. We're officially in hazardous territory!
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[personal profile] februaryfour 2013-06-19 05:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Ugh. Stay safe, and stay indoors. *hugs*