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2009-09-27 12:44 am

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And the reason I haven't posted for more than a month... my job's kicking my ass. I can honestly say that I haven't worked so hard for a long time. But it's fun despite that, doing something that you can sink your mind (teeth?) into. Perhaps it says a lot about my capabilities that I feel good about doing a job where I'm pretending to be a machine.

Well, at least the honeymoon period hasn't died off yet.

Anyway, visits to more knitting-related sites like Yarn Review and yarn sites such as Land o Lace (lace yarns) and Yubina yarn (how cool does yarn from Inner Mongolia sound?), there's also:

Person Paper on Purity in Languge by Douglas Hofstadter. I think picking out all the arguments about gendered language counts as a drinking game.

Ban Comic Sans. There's a hategroup against Comic Sans font... what's next? Tho' the logo looks a bit like "Comic Sars" to me.

Live in a spaceship. The kind on bricks, that is. From Lovely Listing

The community for women who blog. Self-explanatory.

Debrett's. Ditto.