Aug. 24th, 2012

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Well. Technically, the first week isn't over yet. Still have a course tomorrow (yes, Saturday) but I'm pretty concerned about what's going on with this course, aka shipping and admiralty law. For one thing, nobody knows where the class is supposed to meet! I think that's a pretty big omission, isn't it? Never mind if there was supposed to be any required reading. There's been zero news. Am losing confidence in it - if they were going to cancel the class they should have said. If it's a total wash, it's still not too late to drop this and take another class. Even if it means doing a shitload of reading (first plus second week) to get prepared in time for next week's class. Problem is, at this late date, there aren't many choices left.

Although one of the choices I was considering a while back, International commercialisation of IP, still has places, according to the school website. Even though I have no idea what it really means, except it sounds cool. Heh. (Class on IP is full - and anyway I'd always planned to take it in the summer or next year, if at all.) Sooo... I will have to see what happens tomorrow with shipping law class, since I've already blocked out a chunk of time for it. They didn't give me a reading list, I can't prepare anyway. There's a rumour it's on the 5th level of the SOE building, will have a look-see.


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