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Hm, this is the first time I felt good about what I'm studying: that it can be helpful, I mean. Not giving legal advice as I'm not qualified, but it felt good to tell a friend that the so-called agreement he'd signed was not worth the paper it was printed on, and that he should tell his "partners" to take a long walk off a cliff. (And it's weird being believed because of what I'm studying when really, anyone of common sense could say the same.) And to say that if his arsehole "partners" threaten to go to a lawyer, you will go to one too, instead of being frightened off. (It's my personal belief that they are too chickenshit to do so.)


Checked grades today; only raw scores but I think I'm safely in B territory again. (One last subject remains unveiled still.) Well, considering I'd been having fears of a string of C's, I guess I can't be blamed for feeling blithe. The daydream of A's I'll grant you.

I sort of hate being so grades-fearful. It just goes around and 'round in my head: if only you'd studied more, if only you'd did those extra reading, if you only you had asked more questions, if only you'd read fewer fics, etc, etc. (I actually did ok on my exams; it was my midterms and term paper that I'd bombed, and well, by the time exams came it was too late to hope for better than a B.) So, realist am I. I didn't understand the subject with any sort of, well, insight until well into the term, so that is either due to a lack of intellect or I'm a slow learner. Ugh.


I've recently discovered I can buy books on my kindle! It's not supported here, so I'm quite pleased that I can still pay via my (differently-addressed) account and it will go to my kindle. So that's kind of awesome. Previously I'd heard you had to hack it through VPN disguises and a gift card.

Tho' I'm more knitting these couple of weeks.


Interning continues to be kind of hectic and kind of hilarious. As I mentioned, I'm the minor-est person in the team that's representing a client in court. (I just sit and take transciption-like notes.) I'm finding it hard to keep a poker face when the cross-examination goes rapidly to pieces. And I keep trying to send mental commands to our side's counsel: "Stand up and say 'objection'!"
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