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Next term's schedule, which has just been released, makes me so annoyed. Because it contains core classes, I can't even drop them, so it looks like for 13 weeks next year, I'm going to have to take this utterly fucked-up schedule, which not only contains two 3-hour classes (not back to back, but ugh) in one day but also two night classes. I utterly loathe night classes, not only because I am so not a night person and not being a teenager anymore I can't go on after 8-9pm* but also this means I can't teach in the evening any more on those two days. This results in the really awful prospect of having to teach on other evenings, which does mean that all my weekday evenings will be taken up. The alternative is, of course, to do without an income stream, but you know, I like eating.

(I can't even take the damned module next year, because I finish up at the end of next year - all going well - and it is apparently only offered in the winter term for my course - and of course, there is no gurantee that even if I do the extreme thing and stretch my study plan out just to take it in winter 2014, it will NOT be a night class. Because the school's planning skills are so awe-inspiring, really.)

So it's Hobson's Choice.

I mean, really. I have already had to put up with all kinds of shitty scheduling problems due to shipping law but I can't blame anyone because it's an elective that I chose, so I keep my grumbles to a minimum, but this goddamn compulsory class's timing is giving me all sorts of die-in-a-fire rage.

*I can teach after that time***, but that's because I'm the one talking and in control. Plus in fact I'm already about to collapse on the inside; my latest classes - the ones I teach, I mean - last until 9.30. I stretch my concentration further by drinking lots of tea and giving myself surreptitious pinches to keep alert. To ask that I take a class from 6 to 9.15pm** is ugh... a little bit beyond human endurance? Keeping in mind you're marked on class participation. You have to do class presentations. It's just- I did it last term and it was very exhausting. I did it, and I don't want to do it anymore.

**The other night class is until 7.30pm. Not too awful timewise, but it does kill off any opportunity I have of teaching that particular evening unless I can arrange to teach from 8 to 9.30pm.

***I do, however, do my studying (and writing) late at night out of pure lack-of-time-ness and also that there are less interruptions at night. I keep nodding off between paragraphs. I'd really just prefer to study during the day, or mornings.

ETA: And that's not including the goddamn make-up classes. Because the school has a policy that if classes fall on public holidays, they should be made up on Saturdays. Which in next term number three. Three holidays, I mean. Two for Lunar New Year, one for Good Friday. All will be made-up on Saturdays the week before or after. And you know what, people have regularly scheduled stuff to do on Saturdays! Look, if I cannot teach in the evenings, then I have to teach on Saturdays, and I really cannot cancel on Saturdays more than once. It's my most heavily scheduled day of the week: 10 to 6. It's bad for my students and makes my boss side-eye me a lot, okay?


Dec. 17th, 2011 11:15 pm
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See icon. So much.

Finally got my grades. All B's. Which is averagely... average, and also means I've lost my funding. (It required at least an A to make up a higher grade point average.) So, dammit.

Also have to buy some very expensive textbooks for next term. Ditto.

Not to mention paying more for tuition. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

...It's my own fault for not being as hardworking as I ought to have been, and also shortcomings in my own IQ level, so can't really blame anyone. But still, di... yeah. (ETA: If it sounds like I'm sighing a lot, it's because I'm feeling doubtful about doing the next term. My brain has been having "Look, if you're not smart enough for this then so be it, give up and get a job" vs "Are you just scared about going through with the next term and doing even worse?" vs "What have you got to lose?" arguments with itself all day. >_>)

On a tangentially related note, have been doing volunteer work at pro bono office. Paperwork. Answering phones. And other stuff. But it's pretty interesting, plus it's bracing to be in the company of people who have a mission to help and who are not singlemindedly focused on grades, grades, grades. Only annoyance is, because it's a regular working stint, am feeling tired out at the end of the day; I feel almost too tired to go teach after work, which then makes me feel irritable. And then even more tired by the time it finishes. It's a bit sad to be eating dinner at 10.30. Am using an alarm clock these days because I'm scared of oversleeping. So tired. Used to be that I never used to use alarms in the past -- oh well, better an irritating noise (alarm's set on my phone) and being late, I suppose.

Unrelated note: knitted a shrug. And I look good wearing it! Also received my order of Handmaiden yarn. I also see that my days of ordering yarn online will no longer be, due to budget reasons. (I've only done it twice, tho.) Now, what to make with 400 metres of lovely green silk yarn??? Checking Ravelry just makes me tempted to order more yarn. But must make use of this year-end break to scratch my knitting itch; won't have time when term starts. But it's almost too pretty to knit!


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