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Judge JH Gillis, in Fisher v Lowe (1982), 122 Mich.App. 418, 333 N.W.2d 67 (an appeal):

We thought that we would never see
A suit to compensate a tree.
A suit whose claim in tort is prest
Upon a mangled tree's behest;
A tree whose battered trunk was prest
Against a Chevy's crumpled crest;
A tree that faces each new day
With bark and limb in disarray;
A tree that may forever bear
A lasting need for tender care.
Flora lovers though we three,
We must uphold the court's decree.

Not only is the entire thing in verse, Westlaw also got into the act by rendering the headnotes in verse.

(found through http://www.loweringthebar.net)

ETA: It's a pretty famous judgment (for all the right reasons - it rhymes!) so you might have seen this already.

I lolled?

Aug. 31st, 2012 12:20 pm
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So, my classmate in shipping law class wanted to buy Scrutton on Charterparties because of a desire to acquire practitioner's texts. I was bemused, mainly because I had an idea that it was probably more convenient to use the library copy.

Classmate was shocked [eta: upon discovering the price, I mean.]

It costs GBP295.
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Ah... happy new year? Heard about big snow in Asia, US and Europe. I sympathise, but feel oddly nostalgic as well. For someone who hates the cold so much, I really miss snow. The artificial stuff just doesn't cut it--you don't get actual snowflakes, for one thing.

Still, now that we're done with end-of-year fun, it's now boring January and the only thing to look forward to is CNY (and pineapple tarts).


James Cameron's Avatar Link Round-up. So, 3D hotness or creepy colonial vibes?

And that was the closest I got to a movie in the last three months.


Judge Labels Lawyer’s Motion Nearly Incomprehensible, Marks Up Errors. Also reported here, with the document here


So, Twitter is fun! It's ironic that I think so only when it's reported in a blog
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Even if you love Hello Kitty and won't hear a word against the mouthless cat, Hello Kitty Hell is still thoroughly enjoyable.

Evil Shakespeare Overlord List, or, what you shouldn't do while putting on a Shakespeare play, part 1, part 2 and part 3.

92. I will not project a PowerPoint slideshow onto a large screen above and behind the actors, ever, for any reason, no matter what.
122. If Macbeth is dressed in 1930s-era fascist chic, Lady Macbeth will not be allowed to dress in a 1960s caftan, complete with beads.

Yah, this is exactly what certain stage productions at the annual arts festival need to learn.

North Korea Propaganda Posters

World eBook Fair Collection, contributions from 100+ elibraries around the world, free until 8 August 2009


Hm, have been too stressed to read lately (knitting instead), but finished a book over the weekend.

Title: Turn Coat (book 11 of Dresden Files)
Author: Jim Butcher

Spoilers within. Plus it's entirely reversed. )


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