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Remember when I said I could get by on a low-paying job? Yeah, maybe not. But that was what I quite glumly concluded after going on a job search for the whole of June.

And this, boys and girls, is a sign that I should have kept my big mouth shut. For that low-paying job did materialise (two of 'em, actually), and I'm going to be employed again soon. Better enjoy what's left of my free time while I can!


Dear imaginary paper

Could you, for the love of God, stop "ramping up" things? It doesn't even sound cool.

Also, the pictures you used for the solar eclipse were terribly boring. Why didn't you use any of these?



Librarians' Internet Index

Voice of the Shuttle, website for humanities research. I remember this! OMG, it seems like so long ago.


So, I was reading [livejournal.com profile] sarahtales' book rec entries a while back and she mentioned Dull Boy by Sarah Cross. Hey, it was a slow news day. So I read it, and I was not particularly moved. (Spoilers within) )
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Old news, but Twitter, don't use password as your password. Good grief.


You know what's annoying about applying to public sector jobs? The incessant questioning. Your father's occupation. Your mother's education level. The primary school you went to. How many O levels you had. Your hobbies. Your mission statement. *stabs*

ETA: When did Sistic increase its booking fee from $2 to $3???

First post

May. 25th, 2009 10:08 am
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Hm, maybe I was a tad too quick in picking my username. But I can't think of a cool name so this will do.

Well, I'm in my thirties, prone to reading and currently working in a place I like to call the imaginary paper. Tho' likely that's coming to a close, so that means the almighty job hunt has begun again.

I daydream too much and am fantastic at putting out invisible 'keep out' signals, which also means that in real life (RL) I'm timid like whoa and actively avoid situations where there's people. In the rest of my free time I surf the net, so I've decided to post links here in lieu of personal bellyaching. That'd give me a useful record and resource for further net-surfing times. (For some reason I never mastered de.li.cious.)

And also books. My besetting sin is buying books, and as penance I have to keep clearing up my shelves and desk to find space to stash them. The ease of buying books online is hell making things even more difficult, but then I had this problem back when I was skulking (still do) around secondhand bookshops, so.

Okay, links next post.



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