Apr. 1st, 2013 01:59 am
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What really tickled me the first time I read up on property law was that textbooks usually used, as an example of a name for a piece of real estate, "Blackacre" (and "Whiteacre" if required). Does that not sound more like what the Beast's castle (as in Beauty and the Beast) should be called?

So, revising property law. The interesting thing about this term is that I'm taking (as is my cohort) both property law and the law of equity and trusts, and boy are there loads of overlap. And by the way, I'm sick of writing "constructive trusts" and "resulting trusts" and have resorted to the profs' "CT" and "RT" though I think that may get a tad confusing in exam scripts. Or not? I was just reading this little article by my law property prof about how to teach equity (is expert in both) and one of the points brought up was how his students found it difficult to get into equity because there's no unifying theme, so as to speak, unlike say, contract law which is about (so says the textbook) the exchange of promises. Equity is this morass of principles which seem sort of sensible and then goes really outlandish on development. So yes, prof, I'm with your ex-students on being confused. I can see this is going to take a bit of time.


Mar. 26th, 2013 11:26 pm
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The danger about being on Facebook is not that I spend too much time on it, but that I keep forgetting how to log out. So I just click from link to link and finally find it - at the top of the page - probably only to forget it the next time round. (I log in about once every month.)

Got a bad grade in my property paper and feel horrible(!!!!!). Well, no cure for that but to work harder. And I bought the Hollow Crown dvd both as retail therapy and as incentive. Going by the well, not very quick delivery pace of Amazon, it should get here by the time my finals are over.
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Technically, it's actually only the second day because I spent two days catching up on my reading. And weekend-ing. >_<

So sleepy. I study (read and take notes, attempt to answer mock questions, write notes to self) for about 30-40 minutes before I start nodding off, and have to stand up and stretch or get a snack or whatever. Must go to gym soon; my back is stiffening up.

Attempting to enliven spirits by dipping into this bunch of books I got from the library, all about this famous judge, Lord Denning, whose judgments from a purely literary point of view are pretty entertaining (the law part still puts me to sleep).

Stuff to look forward to:

1) will visit World Orchid Conference tomorrow, yay!
2) And Richard III, double yay!

Not looking forward to:

1) Mum's operation ('s minor op. But.)

I wish I could put exams under there, but nah, I'm looking forward to them. Sort of. Just as soon as I finish studying.

Okay, promised self to put the computer away after 30 minutes.
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I always had this idea that law was this massive, rigid, inflexible mass, which was one of the main sources of my ehhh with lawyers (the other had to do with the generally "superior to you plebians" attitude I'd encountered). Anyway, I used to think that legal stuff was set in stone and unchangeable.

So now they tell me in school that actually you've got to examine every assumption - and actually, try not to have too many assumptions* - which is weirdly familiar: weird because I totally was not expecting it, and familiar because I used to not do that when studying English. Have too many assumptions, I mean, only RL makes that difficult and I'm now used to the RL style of things and so making a switch back, this time in a different discipline, is pretty disconcerting. I have to keep reminding myself to think.

Maybe I should make a sign and put it on my desk. Like maybe: "DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING; IF YOU DO, EXAMINE YOUR ASSUMPTIONS".

...I'm not making much sense, huh. That's okay, I just wanted to ramble a bit.

Also, I got a C for the contract law midterm. >_< At least it was only 10% of the final grade. Though in the spirit of schaudenfreude, I must say that most of the class got C's. And if I, with my haphazard understanding of the class material and admittedly confused state** in class, got the same grade as the smart alecks and people who actually understand this material at first glance, then I'm not doing too badly... right?

**I know. I usually need more time for it to percolate and perhaps to read it through a few more times - and usually I get it only after we'd discussed it in class; but at least I get it, right?

*They've been saying it for weeks; I just never got into it.
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You knows what's irritating about going to school in the 21st century?


I sound like a Luddite, I know. And a really well-done PP presentation a joy... well, at least it makes things interesting. I don't like PP "slides" all that much, to be honest. They are glaring, people like to put flashing stuff in them, and the special effects of words and pictures marching up the slide, changing shape, being pixalated, etc, makes my eyes hurt.

But unfortunately it's no longer enough to stand up in class and talk, maybe with a 1-page handout or something easy on the eyes. You gotta give a song and dance. Which, okay, I can't say I'll object too much - dignity is nothing in the face of grades.

But it takes so damn long! It takes me something like a good 15 minutes just to make one slide look okay. (Yes, another reason I don't like PP is because I'm bad at it.) Probably because I can't resist trying to add some bells and whistles, only I wince at it and then reject all of those. And then figuring out which bits of my presentation to go into the slides, etc, etc. In that time, I could have been doing other stuff. Bah.

ETA: Oh shit, forgot all about contract law homework.
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Just wanted to get it off my chest before I have to go and do my contract homework.

I'm peeved at the person(s) who petitioned (for the second time) the professor for an extension of time for the assignment due on Monday. I mean, the first time round, the professor already explained that no further extension would be forthcoming because blah blah blah, we have other assignments due, we should recognise importance of deadlines, yadda yadda.

I got that the first time (and I wasn't the one asking for an extension then, either) and simply resign myself to a couple of all-nighters. :(((( But I don't see why those people in my class can't get it into their heads and are repeating the request. I resent being hit with a bad rep of not being able to do my work on time* simply because the people asking made it sound like the whole class wanted an extension, damn it.

Yes, if there was one I'd have happily taken advantage of it but since there isn't one - well, life sucks. I don't really want an extension... much. Maybe 6 or 7 hours, so I'll have time to take a nap and proofread it before handing it in.

*Now that I have said this, it's virtually certain that I'll be panicking and sobbing and regretting lack of extension, come the night before the deadline. :p

Ok, done with ranting, back to *sigh* contract law.
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It probably goes without saying that I'm stressed. I have a criminal law paper due next week and I'm still errrh on the topic. It's probably too late to change it? Besides, I've already sent the prof my outline, crappy as it is. I've written 10% of it so far. It's going to be a quick and dirty, I can tell. This sort of hurts me - or would if I could summon up the energy to be hurt over what is essentially a prideful matter, which is that I remember a time when writing a paper was, like, snap of the fingers. Now? Ahahaha, I'm lucky if I can put together a topic sentence without contradicting myself.

Read more... )

ETA: Crim law prof emailed to say that outline is ok, only: what's my thesis? Erm, I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out...


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