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My guzheng exam in on the same day as my comparative law exam, albeit it's in the afternoon while the other's in the morning.

Gah. I had a feeling that it was maybe going to clash, because the last time I took the guzheng exam it was also around the end of November, and when I saw my exam dates I hoped that my memory was wrong. Well, I guess it's not too realistic to ditch the guzheng exam? It is at a different time, even if I do have another exam two days later to prepare for. Ok, then. I make no assurances about my frame of mind but will go ahead.
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So I'm staring at the email from our TA (hours after) apparently explaining to other people who were supposed to have taken the same midterm, just where the midterm question was to be found in the online student website. Bizarre, because the TA has been very conscientious about emailing everyone with the requisite information/instructions a few days ahead and I thought it was fairly straightforward. Log on, get question*, type answer on Word doc, save and upload doc. No problem, right? For people who are supposed to be computer literate and have been downloading movies/movies for years. (Barring crazy internet connections, that is.)

But apparently there are others who didn't get it. I don't get it. Oh, well. I'm just glad I never did see this email until the midterm was over because I would have panicked. As it was, right after (ok, 5 mins later) I finished uploading my answer and felt like gibbering, my student turned up and I was so frazzled that I taught him for 90 mins instead of our usual 60.


Earlier I was at the Bras Brasah library and I never did realise what a lovely courtyard (8 levels up) it has! Reading/study rooms had chockful of students but they were wonderfully, fantastically quiet. So much nicer than uni library, which is too often full of students who want a place to chat and go to the library to do it.

Public library is still very posh-looking, compared to uni building right across the street. It's striking because both are pretty new buildings - less than 10 years old.

And reading week is up! I'm sort of happy about it despite having suddenly self-imposed lots of things for self to do - though more honestly, I'm knackered.

Last night, I decided to try drinking coffee to keep awake. Yeah, right. I face-planted into my notes twenty minutes later. Coffee doesn't work (but tea does) though it smells so good, I keep getting suckered into drinking it. So after I woke up from my nap, I overdid it with the studying and slept much less. Ugh.

Must watch at least one movie this reading week. In an actual theatre. I don't care which one.

*granted, there are two class sections for this particular course, so there are two possible places for the question to be. But the TA already told us which one and even if you cannot remember, there's only two.
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More running nose than sneezy, though, since this morning. Drat.

On my way to the library just earlier (am inside now), a young... twit, is probably the only sensible tag, said (gist), "OMG so many people are going to the library!" Yes, next comment? And from the way she stared at everyone, either she's never been to the library herself or thought it incredible that other people also wanted to, you know, use the library.

Gah. Reminder to self: please don't listen to those who 'tell' you a topic is easy. You gotta find out for yourself whether it is so. Too persuadable, you. And also stop agreeing with people (inwardly) that this term is tough and "everything is tiring". Nope, self, keep working.

Have banking paper due this weekend. What a treat for me.
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Or nearly. >_> Not that I hated it, but I would have enjoyed it more if I had managed to finish all of the reading; will have to catch up on Sunday, I guess.

Banking law class tomorrow - and then it's an afternoon of work. My boss asked if I wanted to teach an extra class 6-7pm. I said no, then felt guilty because I know this particular student of mine needed someone to edit his assignment for his operations management class. But still a no, because the school does have a policy of closing at 6pm, and I'm tired.

Comparative legal systems today. Guh, I dunno what to do with this class. The stuff we're going through seems self-evident to me ('cept for some concepts about legal theory) - I mean, are we really going to do comparative stuff by making students read The World is Flat and Guns, Germs and Steel? (As introductory material, but - seriously?) I dread either that I'm missing something big or that I'll simply disengage altogether.


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