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Supposed to be on term break, but spending it on catching up rather than relaxing... Still, I read two whole books! House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz and Snuff by Prachett, and as always after reading Prachett, am amazed at how good he is. Assessment not based on Snuff in particular, I mean, for though Snuff had some really good parts, it also had some pedestrian parts, so overall it was not as memorable as some of his others, and I think it may even work better without context - but it's those good parts that remind me why it's a treat to read him.

House of Silk is... I'm erhh about it. Classmate recced it. I was expecting more scandal but got sordidness instead. Despite a reasonably good mimicry pastiche-wise, the whole plot smells very 21st century. There's not enough, erm, privilege? I dunno how to describe it. ACD's plots always seemed to be just that bit fantastic - but perhaps that's just my impression of his London, from the viewpoint of someone halfway across the world - and very ensconced within that world. I guess it's really hard to divorce yourself from 21st century (or late-20th century?) values.


I've been avoiding the internet so as to concentrate on doing my reading, and my kindle is excellent for letting me read all the stuff that's on soft copy without the temptation of the internet. Even though I think it's wincing when I load another twenty 60-page judgments on it, not to mention articles and other stuff. Did anyone know that the Companies Act is over 300* pages? I swear, my kindle cries** when I open this document.

3 midterms coming up. The consti's a take-home exam, which is... nice, I suppose, but it means I'll spend something like 3 hours writing it and another 3 editing it (and never mind the studying beforehand). I know my habits.

Our contract law class includes Sale of Goods blahblahbalh, and a couple of days back the TA kindly told us that the textbook we were told to get (at the beginning of the term) is no good and that the library has a better one. Y'know, why would you put it on the booklist if it's no good? Do $60 textbooks grow on trees?

*Which is funny, because I definitely have books that are way longer than 300 pages (eg, Great Expectations) and they open up fine, ie, without lagging. My theory is that a kindle instinctively*** knows that fiction is its normal function, not statutes or law reports.

**Possibly in its tiny little electrical innards, there's some moaning and groaning.

***Given the time I've spent with it, no wonder I'm anthropomorphizing my kindle.
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Remember when I said I could get by on a low-paying job? Yeah, maybe not. But that was what I quite glumly concluded after going on a job search for the whole of June.

And this, boys and girls, is a sign that I should have kept my big mouth shut. For that low-paying job did materialise (two of 'em, actually), and I'm going to be employed again soon. Better enjoy what's left of my free time while I can!


Dear imaginary paper

Could you, for the love of God, stop "ramping up" things? It doesn't even sound cool.

Also, the pictures you used for the solar eclipse were terribly boring. Why didn't you use any of these?



Librarians' Internet Index

Voice of the Shuttle, website for humanities research. I remember this! OMG, it seems like so long ago.


So, I was reading [livejournal.com profile] sarahtales' book rec entries a while back and she mentioned Dull Boy by Sarah Cross. Hey, it was a slow news day. So I read it, and I was not particularly moved. (Spoilers within) )
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Even if you love Hello Kitty and won't hear a word against the mouthless cat, Hello Kitty Hell is still thoroughly enjoyable.

Evil Shakespeare Overlord List, or, what you shouldn't do while putting on a Shakespeare play, part 1, part 2 and part 3.

92. I will not project a PowerPoint slideshow onto a large screen above and behind the actors, ever, for any reason, no matter what.
122. If Macbeth is dressed in 1930s-era fascist chic, Lady Macbeth will not be allowed to dress in a 1960s caftan, complete with beads.

Yah, this is exactly what certain stage productions at the annual arts festival need to learn.

North Korea Propaganda Posters

World eBook Fair Collection, contributions from 100+ elibraries around the world, free until 8 August 2009


Hm, have been too stressed to read lately (knitting instead), but finished a book over the weekend.

Title: Turn Coat (book 11 of Dresden Files)
Author: Jim Butcher

Spoilers within. Plus it's entirely reversed. )


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