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If truth be told, I actually finished my internship on 31st August but didn't come to terms with it until, well, yesterday. When I met a friend for dinner on Friday, seeing her in black and white*, I actually felt a qualm that I was not at work being an intern. Luckily, that passed after watching enough explosions to flatten a mountain in Red 2 and life reset itself before my eyes.

Not that it was a bad experience to be an intern. Well, what's not to like, eh? Moments of work interspersed with boredom, being the eager beaver about, well, everything, frankly learning enough fascinating stuff that even my cynicial nature couldn't smother... all that for the fantastic allowance of $400 a month. It's a bargain.

Well, at least I'm still getting paid for my tutoring. Though I've lost count of how many times I've apologised over the last two months for turning up late/almost late for my classes because I was stuck at the office, damn it. I've always had a rather good punctuality record before this! I'm a bit annoyed, especially when that tutoring was the only way I'd had money to eat lunch and y'know, have money for transport to get to the office.

*Court attire is long sleeved white shirt with collar, black skirt/pants/trousers, and then black jacket; same rules for interns. And apparently what's-supposed-to-be-silk-but-feels-like-polyester black robes for lawyers in High Court. I'm always "really? Shakespeare in the Park?" when I see my boss and judges wearing robes. In what universe, aka non-Harry Potter-verse, do people think this is a good idea?

And white shirts: does no one share my opinion that they are a bitch to iron? I suppose I could get by wearing a this little thing but in tropical weather, no one wants to wear a long sleeve black jacket.
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