Jan. 16th, 2013

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1) Is it only Wednesday? It feels like it should be Thursday already, mainly because now the bulk of my classes are on Mondays and Tuesdays. Tho' am going to start going to gym today now that my cold seems to have cleared up; knees starting to get creaky again.

2) Got into contract drafting class after all, yay! (Someone dropped it and I squeezed in.) It's pretty interesting, even with the prof's tendency to read from judgments.

3) More interesting news: My Kindle Paperwhite has arrived! I lost my Kindle Touch at the beginning of the year and decided to try the Paperwhite. (Or should that be Paperwhite Kindle?) Thoughts:

(a) It does not have text-to-speech capability. I did not know this. Admittedly, I hadn't used it much with my Kindle Touch, but it's still a nice-to-have feature.

(b) Don't have much use for the lighted (lit?) screen feature yet, though it feels a bit glaring. Will assess again when I finally read it in dim lighting.

(c) Enables you to have dictionaries in different languages - admittedly only in the 7, 8 languages that it supports. But it's a step up from the determinedly monolingualism of before.

(d) Much, much better looking Chinese font. And Japanese font. (There's only two choices tho' - the nice one and the ugly one.) For that matter, the (limited) choices of font for alphanumeric scripts are nice to have too.


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