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It must be. I tried to log into my school account to check my grades (the heck with being terrified to know what they are, I'm curious as hell!). There I was, psyching myself up, telling myself it's not the end of the world however bad grades those are, and...

I forgot my password. I've been racking my memory trying to recall it, and can't.

Talk about an anti-climax! Will have to go to IT desk tomorrow on my way to guzheng class and get a password reset before I can log in.

Unless I remember it by morning. >_>

I watched the Hobbit movie earlier this week. 'twas all for Martin Freeman. The fight scenes were too long, as were the mountain-climbing parts. But it was still pretty entertaining. Although thank goodness I watched it on a Monday because tickets were cheaper then.

Also watched the Rurounin Kenshin movie last week, which was only a little draggy and wasn't too cheesy. Plotwise was as expected, so not too bad. I kept getting distracting by noticing machine-stitched seams on those supposedly 19th Japanese clothes - made me feel as though I was watching a cosplay rather than a movie.

What's annoying about having a 'big' movie come out is that it's squeezes all the other movies out, besides also depriving people of additional choices they could have had. I mean, after watching the Hobbit, there are no other movies out there. Or if there are, theatres screen them maybe once a day which doesn't necessarily help with scheduling. I wanted to catch Life of Pi and maybe The Guardians but most theatres have already stopped screening them.

The holiday season, it's weird.
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