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Not so quick and not that dirty (had to cut all the dirty bits out to get within word limit) but assignment done and handed in! 'least, one of 'em. Another due next week...

Am proud that I didn't have to beg prof for more time. (Was seriously considering it, but luckily I didn't need to; might need those brownie points for later.)

Am decompressing by watching èƒœè€…ä¸şçŽ‹, which is a moderately bad Hong Kong drama from about 15 years ago that features, well, Macau and gambling. I'm convinced that gambling dramas are just one of those cultural things that will never travel well. (Tho' there was All In, a K-drama). I don't gamble at all, but still, I admit to being fascinated by a TV show that features the hero learning how to throw (and therefore "control") dice by practising on sugar cubes. Dramas of this sort also feature a distressing lack of morals, lack of police enforcement and zero logic. But maybe that's what makes it so weirdly fun. It's a bit like wuxia for the modern (and decidedly seedier) era. You get mortal enemies, 20-year-old feuds, duels of skill and luck, people dying in melodramatic ways, hero who finds out he's the long-lost son of someone important, various people falling in love with the baddie's daughter, and even strategic lightning strikes.

Am watching because... well, once upon a time I thought the hero was cute. But while the entertainment value is there, the overacting gets to me. Still, s'good for decompressing because it's so mindless.


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