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I'm using my icons as mood indicators but I don't have one that says "arghhh revision!" Pity.

Was reviewing parts of the Rules of Court online (if printed, about size of telephone directory) and discovered that there are in total 229 different forms for various purposes: issuing a writ, a memo of appearance, possessing property of debtor, etc. And just goes to show, paperwork is the only certainty in life. Although life is supposedly easily with electronic filing, sometimes only hard copy will do. Also learning about costs this term has been something of an eye-opener.

I mean, anecdotally I always knew that legal stuff and going to court was expensive but I did not know exactly that they ran to hundreds of thousands (or even more) instead of just, erm, thousands. Admittedly that kind of expense is for complicated stuff and for commercial stuff and very rich people. But um, legal aid is pretty limited and even that's only for certain categories of criminal matters so if you get into other sorts of trouble you're screwed. Well, you could try to do it yourself but those results have not generally been pretty if the other side is rich and can afford lawyers whilst you can't.

But yeah. I did know this, in the back of my head. Just grumbling.


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