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Dear Crimson Logic

Why do you... I can't even. I've efiled documents only a handful of times, and everytime I've had to phone your customer service hotline because your system got stuck or simply won't display what ought to be there. And I definitely resent the "We are currently experiencing high call volume" automated message when I'm phoning at 9am in the morning. Particularly when I phoned at 8.58am and was told to phone (by a real person) at 9am because the system only comes online then.

Damn. It.

To their credit, the customer service people are usually very helpful. But being put on hold is... gah.

We had a new trainee join recently who must have, I infer, previously worked somewhere... strange?

Newbie: I love Atkins' Court Forms! They are so useful, I never knew about them before!
Me: But surely the school libr- You know what? Never mind.

True to name, it's a bunch of court forms use for filing in court, along with samples so you'd know how to phrase it, what heading to use, etc. I stopped halfway because I was thinking, wait, the newbie studied in England and not here, so it's probably not the sa-

Wait, those things do come from England!

Date: 2014-01-27 06:34 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] februaryfour
LOL at the newbie. It would be funnier if I hadn't met people like that before. T_T

Date: 2014-01-29 03:57 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] februaryfour
*chuckle* We were in Accounting Information Systems yesterday and the professor was going over systems and raising examples of debits and credits that would happen (just to give us an idea of why we should care.) So some of us are debating whether "complete a picking ticket for a customer order" is really a "revenue" function (complete the order) or a "production" function (check something out of Finished Goods and into Cost of Goods Sold.)

These people in the class just looked blankly at her. >_< Dude, this is not intro to accounting, this is AIS, and it is the graduate-only section. You are expected to know your basic debits and credits as a prerequisite for this class. If we talk about moving sums from finished goods to COGS and you ask WHY? This is NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU. >_< *annoyed at those people in class*

So... I kind of see where you're going with this. ^_^


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