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Especially as my practice training period is ending in a few more weeks and there's free time! Glorious free time! For about 2 weeks, before PTs start on Part B, aka course leading up to Part B of the bar exams, which if you pass, you can apply to practise as a lawyer. (There's supposed to be a Part A thing, but it doesn't apply to non-overseas graduates like me.) For more info see SILE, which I try not to.

So, on the antsy part.

Once in a while I have this thought, "I should totally blog about my experience as a PT!" - which just goes to show the extent of brain damage that lack of sleep hath wrought. This is what happens to PTs: a not-that-exciting idea starts looking better, and better, and the next thing you know, you're staying up to choose a new theme for your blog.

My cunning plan is - just to answer the questions that my boss has asked me over the past months, and which I have always responded with one of: (1) a blank look; (2) "I don't know"; and (3) "It's in Atkins". (Well, it is! My company does general litigation so there's a lot of procedural stuff about what forms to use.)

I don't claim to have all the correct answers. I'm not a lawyer; I'm just a PT. But I've learnt a lot over the past months (PT-ship is 6 months) and my brain's not the best place for remembering them due to severe limitation on capacity.

Also, I aim to make sure everyone knows that the electronic filing system is full of joy and delight.

That is all.

PS. Today I found that my email signature had a comma splice. *sigh*
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