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Looking up textbook lists on school website is like pulling teeth. Or that the joke's on me and it's someplace really, really obvious, so obvious that I didn't even think about checking it. Gah.

Never mind, will drop by library and check out the course reserve shelves, where helpful librarians have spare copies of textbooks for 2-hr use. 's a good way to look through alternative textbooks (where there are alternative textbooks) and decide which one is better(?) and whether to buy. My guess is that like most textbooks on the Olde and Most Noble practice of the Law, there's one authored by a well-known scholar which continues to carry the name of that dead (usually) white (usually) guy even after it has been through so many editions and revisions that it scarcely resembles the book that the original guy wrote. This practice, by the way, seemed so alien to me at first (still does, a bit) but I guess it's a way to ensure continuity. Or something.

For record's sake my textbooks in the first year of school were:
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All these books (exccept two) are each the size of a (large) brick and also work well as doorstops or as footrests, or as imprompto weights if you need to do some exercise while studying. Post-it notes essential, especially if like me, you hate highlighters.


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