Oct. 2nd, 2012 12:15 pm
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Just out of *conflicts class, a classmate commented that this class was confusing and I was thinking, it's not so bad, I think I get it. But that's likely me having a case of "if you think you understand conflicts, you don't" kind of deal. At least it's preventing me from panicking about conflicts midterm on Saturday. It's a take-home exam. Well, I say take-home exam. The question's released online and you have to submit the answer within 2 hours so I guess everyone's sitting at home working in front of the computer. We're allowed to use any written materials. Much scope for cheating? I guess, if you got an expert to do the work for you or collaborate (prof's email sort of mentioned DON'T COLLABORATE - did it need saying?) with friends, but given the way so many of my classmates are less than 100% firm about concepts discussed, it'd be the blind leading the blind...?

I've managed to discuss with workplace to let me use a classroom for that precious 2 hours to work on the midterm. Advantage: don't have to travel to workplace afterwards, just send off answer and continue working! Reminder to self: bring earplugs as workplace has thin walls. Disadvantage: must make up missed work on Monday evening.

The other midterm that I'm reserving my panic for is corporate law. My mind blanks out when I have to answer a hypothetical question, so my job is to practise that (answering, I mean, not blanking out).

Also how much do I love my kindle? Because I have nearly all my reading on it. Disadvantage of using it to read cases is you can't scan ahead so you have to read every page. Not that that's a bad thing...

*commercial conflict of laws
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