Sep. 24th, 2012

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Finally, banking paper done. Wrote it through the week and Sunday. I had a good start but I think it petered out in the middle and limped to an undignified finish. And that was just the content. Then had a tiny freakout when the online system for uploading the paper did not work (realised whilst waiting for computer to re-start - I thought it was my computer acting up - that I could just email the prof). And so, emailed. Done.

So done, ready for next one? I was thinking that I'd like to do something with guarantors and guarantees because I'm passionate about the idiocy of guarantors, but today's topic on instruments of credit is pretty intriguing. Maybe only because the case I was reading is so hilarious.

It's this lovely case of Equitable Trust v Dawson Partners (1927), at a time when Jakarta was still known as Batavia, involving a load of what was to be quality vanilla beans (which turned out to have been stolen - what sweet-smelling theft, right?) but was really just a load of junk plus some beans to fake the buyers. Who were not faked, wanted their money back and hence the case. The nub of the matter concerned the mistranslation of a stipulation of a "certificate of quality to be issued by experts who are sworn brokers" into " who is sworn broker" (mistranslation committed by HSBC). It's hilarious to read. Almost as good as the case where some airheads tried to argue that a jet-ski was a ship.

Next to work on is conflicts reading (and problem set), because another group is presenting on the problem. I'm pretty amused at how the prof intimidated everyone into not using Powerpoint slides by expressing distaste for them and subtly (?) jeering at those who require slides. Yay? I don't like slides that much myself because of what I consider to be blatant misuse of slides as some sort of vaudeville show. Though the biggest problem is the really, really irritatingly tiny font some people use, because isn't the point of Powerpoint to make things clear for your audience? Gah.

Also CLS midterm (I was this close to wanting to smack the prof with a goldfish). Also corporate law midterm. And conflicts midterm. (Latter two are next week, but best to start studying now.) And always, shipping cases. I try to get through a few each day.


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