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Dear teammates of presentation:

When the prof specifies 10 pages and 12 point font Times New Roman, this does not mean we should have 1cm margins, okay! If the essay is too long, we edit. Carefully and judiciously if we have time and shrewd-ish cutting if we don't. I don't think I'm being uptight or overly pedantic by insisting on actual, normal margins... (1cm margins look dreadful, too.)

Soooo, the week of triple presentations is upon us (I mean me). The tough one that I was worried about, contract law, is over with, whatever its merits (not that good). Two more to go. Group presentations are just one of the many ways that inform me that I play badly with other children. Or rather, that my urge to start barking orders and take over everything to ensure that it is finished on time gets up and starts a fight with my urge to chill and be concerned only with my assigned segment. And I get stressed.

I should be raging mad - was pissed off when, while I was editing the completed shared essay (that was ready only by midnight), various people kept emailing to say "can you add this? Can you change this?" You know what, these are things you should have done that earlier - but now am just very sleepy. Cutting that essay down so it'd be 10 pages and look normal (as opposed to playing with margins) took time and I didn't get enough sleep. :((((((

Ok, ranting over.


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