Feb. 21st, 2012

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I just realised that I lost my shawl (the one in my icon). All this while, I thought I'd left it at work and then today when I went to work ... no shawl! Means I dropped it somewhere and didn't even realise when or where. Boo. I loved that shawl - okay, even tho' it was starting to pill rather badly due to heavy use. But it was still an awesome shawl!

And what's really galling; I started thinking of making a replacement (since it was getting old anyway) and then I realised that I have no time to knit. So sad. The nice thing about making your own stuff is that you can always make more - as opposed to buying from a shop, I mean. So you always have it the way you want it, unlike shop stuff.


Tort mid-term tomorrow, which means I should either go to bed now or study some more.

A friend who glanced at this blog said that I was too dispassionate in blogging and sounded very cold. My warm and friendly nature was disputed. I was accused of not even owning a cuddly toy.

Well, you might be happy to know that while studying for tort, I hugged my teddy bear about eight hundred times.


lloll4: ice lolly shaped like Mickey Mouse (Default)

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