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Oct. 15th, 2012 09:30 pm
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Dear other users of dropbox for cases

Hagugesund Kommune & Anor v Depfa ACS Bank & Anor [2010] EWCA Civ 579, yesIknow people, it's the reading* for tomorrow, will those who choose to upload stuff on dropbox get a grip and stop reloading it over and over again?

The dropbox thing was created last year and it's been... not that helpful? Helpful in a pinch when I've genuinely forgotten to download a case and I'm lazy, but otherwise I'm not using it much, because the other users all prefer pdf files and I go with Word files because it's less stressful on my internet connection to send Word files for conversion for the kindle.

Oh well.

Reading week was a nice break - maybe too nice because I didn't get as much done, eg, the second banking paper, and the resulting stress from that is/was not worth the enjoyment of watching k-dramas for two days.

Will draw a line over that and start again. Constant self-berating is unhelpful. I'm trying to get over this mentality of "I suck at law school anyway so I don't have to work so hard at it." So, constant reminder to self: you don't get to slack no matter what.

Otherwise reading week was ok. And Waiting for Godot was pretty sweet. Altho' at certain points I had to wonder why it sounded so trite, and belatedly realised it was because my god, the lines have been echoed in so many other dramas, sitcoms, movies, etc.

I'm eating Korean grapes. They are very weird because they're soft (not crunchy as I'm used to), the flesh is chewy and has a very intense flavour, like (ta da!) grape jelly.

*one of them, at least


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