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Textbook list

Property law

Tan Sook Yee, Tang Hang Wu and Kelvin FK Low, Tan Sook Yee’s Principles of Singapore Land Law

Reference Texts:

Michael Bridge, Personal Property Law

Michael Spence, Intellectual Property

Peter Butt, Land Law

Kevin Gray and Susan Francis Gray, Elements of Land Law

Charles Harpum, Stuart Bridge and Martin Dixon, Megarry & Wade: The Law of Real Property

Edward Burn and John Cartwright, Cheshire & Burn’s Modern Law of Real Property

WJM Ricquier, Land Law

And also for this week: Legal Perspectives on Native Customary Land Rights in Sarawak (Human Rights Commission of Malaysia

Equity and trusts

R Pearce, J Stevens and W Barr, The Law of Trusts and Equitable Obligations

Casebooks (tho I'd rather get the cases myself and read them without other people editing it for me.)

D Hayton and C Mitchell, Hayton & Mitchell Commentary, Materials and Cases on the Law of Trusts and Equitable Remedies


GJ Virgo and EH Burn, Maudsley and Burn’s Trusts and Trustees: Cases and Materials

Other suggested introductory texts:

J Penner, The Law of Trusts
S Gardner, An Introduction to the Law of Trusts

Supplementary Texts:

A Hudson, Equity and Trusts
J Martin, Hanbury & Martin: Modern Equity
G Moffat, Trusts Law: Text and Materials
AJ Oakley, Parker and Mellows: The Modern Law of Trusts
P Pettit, Equity and the Law of Trusts
TH Tey, Trusts, Trustees and Equitable Remedies: Text and Materials

Although at this junction what's really important to me about trusts is to better appreciate:

"'...But only consider, my dear girl! The whole fortune left in trust until I'm twenty-five, unless I marry before that date! You must see what a devil of a fix I'm in!'" (Friday's Child, Heyer).

Evidence and procedure

Pinsler, Principles of Civil Procedure
Pinsler, Evidence & the Litigation Process
Pinsler, Singapore Court Practice 2009
Practitioners’ Library, Evidence in Criminal Trials
Ho Hock Lai, A Philosophy of Evidence Law: Justice in the Search for Truth
R K Nathan, A practical approach to evidence in Malaysia and Singapore
Colin Tapper, Cross & Tapper on Evidence


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