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Law of restitution: really fascinating topic, with a side of hilarity because of all the differing theoretical views held by academics, each insisting he is right, or at least more right than the next guy. It's about the intellectual equivalent of watching one's pet contort itself so that it can lick itself in various places. Tho' quite a bit of reading because of that, which I'm a bit worried about.

Legal theory/jurisprudence: My approach to theory - tho' previously in the realm of literary theory - was mostly: yeah, you have a point, but you're just (again) contorting yourself again and not taking data into account. At least with literary theory you have to point to a book sooner or later, but I'm finding legal theory a lot more amorphous. Which runs in the face of my expectation because one would think law, y'know, it has legislation and it has politics and it has human and sociological factors, so actually it's more rooted in actual stuff than literature...

IT and the law: Um, right now a bit head-scratchy. The introductory seminar was very, well, introductory.

IP law: First seminar was... boring. Or could be because I was feeling under the weather, but the prof went thr' stuff we already knew or could have picked up from his assigned reading anyway, so.


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